About us

The strong know-how acquired over the years, the technological value of our plant and the continuous search for innovative solutions make us a company at the forefront in the treatment and enhancement of waste.
We have dedicated significant resources to find solutions which would ensure both the efficiency of the service provided and a real advantage in terms of competitiveness and cost effectiveness.

1   Large Amount of waste by providing a sizable space for waste collection and storage, originating both from the neighbouring area and by the main institutions.
2    Our geographic and strategic position allows anyone to reach us but above all to deliver and ship the "items" in a faster and More Practical way.
3   The innovation of our latest generation plant and its characteristics increase the Quality of each phase of the manufacturing process, significantly reducing the environmental impact.
4   In addition, we promote an ethical and responsible approach to waste management by adopting behaviours aiming at the respect and Protection of the environment and our operators.
5   We address professionals, but we also actively manage the social Communication with the surrounding area. In fact, we are well aware that the valorisation of the waste begins inside the community (often unaware and not informed). It is therefore necessary to devise and implement a number of educational projects in order to sensitize people and involve them in the recycling process.

The customer who turns to us relies on customized solutions and remains assured that the waste produced is managed in the most correct way; therefore, we offer full guarantee of compliance with legal regulations, bureaucratic and administrative procedures.

A professional and competent team, together with the innovation and the quality of the results achieved and the satisfaction of our customers, have always been and always will be the strength and the distinguishing mark of our company. We aim at excellence and we want to become soon leaders in the sector.

We are also a reliable and competent partner for waste transport on behalf of third parties. By mean of this, we are able to take on and fulfil the terms of important commitments towards our customers, to whom we guarantee maximum availability, speed and punctuality in transport.
The fleet of vehicles (trailer trucks, lorries, articulated lorries and tractors) is constantly maintained. This allows us to better respond to any need, making the ideal vehicle available, based on the material to be transported and the distance to travel. The service addresses waste producers, as well as transport and/or brokerage companies operating in the sector.

We ensure reliability, transparency and quality and we offer assistance in both preliminary and operational phases.

As we wish to offer a complete range of solutions for the collection and the correct recovery of the waste, we also provide the interested parties (supermarkets, companies and agencies) the possibility to rent out containers for storing and collecting the waste generated on site.


 Giuseppe Mattozzi 3Giuseppe Mattozzi

Sole Director and founder of the Tecnoriciclo Ambiente®

Creative and entrepreneurial, he has always showed great interest in innovative projects, looking into the future, working to improve the society and the quality of life of every citizen.

His passion for engines and mechanics, pushes him to go beyond the job of the administrator and to know in detail the functioning and characteristics of the plant, as well as to keep abreast of the regulations of the sector.

The realization of the TRA implant is a dream in which he has been believing for 5 years and to whom he has dedicated time, resources and energy with passion and conviction. This dream can now open the door to a better future, where “to TRAnsform mere Waste in Resource” is finally made possible.




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