TRA Sponsor of Frosinone Calcio


With the signing of the sponsorship agreement for the next season, TRA becomes OFFICIAL PARTNER of the blue-and-yellow clad lions.
Anagni, 22 August 2017 - As an Official Partner, Tecnoricicloambiente® will support the 2017/2018 season of the Frosinone team with whom it shares strategies and ambitious goals: both companies confirm that they expect to reach important targets within the new year.

For TRA, football is an opportunity to underline its interest in future and innovation. “Tecnoricicloambiente® sees in football, and particularly in the Frosinone team, a further chance to demonstrate its mission and its values, such as commitment, efficiency, reliability, flexibility, safety and respect. These are the cornerstones upon which to build a winning team in sport, but they are also the essential values for a successful company. The sponsorship of and cooperation with the Frosinone Football Team are based on this commonality of values”. “We have chosen Frosinone Football Team, one of the best local teams, that builds its success on teamwork and on the pursue of excellence, as well as we do. The new season will bring to both of us great success, we are sure about that ” says Giuseppe Mattozzi, Sole Director and founder of Tecnoricicloambiente®.

Tecnoricicloambiente® will be available to the Frosinone Football team and for the structure of the “Benito Stirpe” Stadium, in order to carry out events related to waste recycling. This allows every member of the team, the managers, as well as the helpers and supporters, to set a good example to the rest of the community. Furthermore, it promotes respect for the environment and gives a tangible contribution to the area.

We always work in a way to constitute a drive towards the future. We believe in the importance of creating a strong bond with the territory and the citizens. This is not only business-linked but also cultural, aimed at the valorisation of waste, environmental education and compliance with regulations.




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